Selling a Home


Home Selling Guide

Deciding to sell your home can be one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make.  Below is a guide to help make the entire process as easy and as profitable as possible.

  1. Contact a Better Living Realty LLC agent to discuss the home selling process.  ( Value, preparation, time frames, etc )
  2. Start early.  Remove or pack items that you will not be using for the next few months.  The less clutter the better your house will show.  (Host a yard sale, give items away or donate)
  3. Touch up paint, mow lawn, clean house from top to bottom.   ( Scrub showers, toilets, even appliances)
  4. Repair broken items.   (Leaking faucets, clogged drains, broken gutters, running toilets, etc)
  5. Review disclosures for home.   Sellers are obligated to disclose any known problems.   Any questions contact an attorney.
  6. Discuss what items will stay with the home.   ( Appliances, patio sets, blinds, etc)
  7. Review the market analysis provided by your Better Living Realty agent.   Discuss the price you will list your home for.
  8. Stage house for showings and open houses.
    1. Aromas such as fresh brewed coffee or baked items before a showing.
    2. Fresh towels and new bars of soap in bathrooms
    3. Beautiful flowers staged around the house
    4. Declutter kitchen counter-tops and refrigerator ( remove all magnets, pictures)
    5. In winter keep house warm and in summer keep house cool.
  9. If your in the market to buy a home.  Speak with your Better Living agent and start looking at some potential homes.  When your home is under contract you can make your offer on the home of your choice.