Buying a Home

Whether your looking to buy your first home or your buying a vacation home below is a checklist to help minimize mistakes and serve as a roadmap to purchasing a home.

  1. Contact a Better Living Realty LLC agent and discuss the type of home you are looking for. ( Towns/Cities, number of bedrooms, max price, garages, yard, etc)
  2. Speak with a mortgage professional and obtain a pre-qualification letter.   ( This will allow you to know how much you can afford)
  3. Obtain pertinent information on each town.  ( School system, taxes, zoning, etc. )
  4. Browse the homes on the internet that your Better Living Realty LLC professional has sent via email.
  5. Have your Better Living agent set up showings on the homes that you are interested in.
  6. Work with your Better Living agent to draw up an offer based on the market value and condition of the home of your choice.
  7. Once an offer is accepted, hire a certified home inspector to inspect the home.
  8. Review the entire inspection report with your Better Living agent.  Negotiate repairs/credits if necessary.
  9. Conduct a final walkthrough the day of or day before the closing.  Property should be cleaned, repairs that were negotiated completed, and all of sellers belongings should be removed ( unless otherwise noted on sales contract or addendum )
  10. Take the keys from the sellers and enjoy your new home.